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Makuuhuoneen tunnelmavalaistus

Bedroom mood lighting

Stylish mood lighting with indirect lighting

Epäsuora valaistus leffahuoneeseen

Indirect lighting to a movie room

The atmospheric lighting of the film room is created with indirectly illuminating LED profiles

Seinän korostusvalaistus T-profiililla

Wall accent lighting with T-profile

With a profile up and down, you create a beautiful indirect lighting space like a space!

Kylpyhuoneen valaistus – rimapaneeli LED-nauhalla

Bathroom Lighting-Rim Panel with LED tape

A touch of luxury everyday with bathroom rib panel lighting

Epäsuora valaistus sängyn alle

Indirect lighting under the bed

Lights and atmospheric detail bedside lighting.

Porrasvalaistus uppoasennettuna

Staircase lighting in sinking

Staircase lighting can also be implemented with an LED tape sinking.

Keittiön avohyllyjen LED-valaistus

LED lighting for kitchen open shelves

Kitchen open shelves are beautifully accentuated with LED profile lamps. You can also combine small spotlights to different levels.

Tyylikäs uppoasennettu LED-valonauhavalaistus

Stylish sinking LED light tape lighting

Stylish sinking lighting lighting in the kitchen with our wide profiles

Tyylikkäät uppoasennettavat LED-profiilit näyttäviin asennuksiin

Stylish sinking LED profiles for spectacular installations

Spectacular with large LED profiles

Kirjahyllyn LED-valaistus lastenhuoneessa

Bookcase LED lighting in the nursery

Beautiful thin LED profiles embedded in the bookshelf finish the spectacular bookshelf.

Valoa vaatekaappiin

Light into a wardrobe

Lighting your wardrobe with a lit wardrobe.

Tyylikkäät valaistut lattiat

Stylish illuminated floors

Light lines to the floor with an LED profile and LED light tape-also in damp spaces!

Luo omat valopaneelit

Create your own light panels

To make your own dimensions of light on the wall or ceiling

Valoa keittiön välitilaan

Light in the kitchen intermediate

With LED light tape beautiful and versatile LED lighting in the kitchen intermediate