Colored COB & CSP LED Lighting Strips

With the help of non-pointed RGB COB LEDs, you can create perfect lighting for different spaces and situations! Colored COB LED strips are versatile and flexible, unstable light sources that can create different colors and moods in different home spaces. They work with very small LED chips that produce red, green and blue by combining millions of different colors. So you can create different color schemes and moods with RGB COB LED tapes, and they are particularly good in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, for example. COB RGB LEDs can be used even in very shallow LED profiles without noticeable LED points! Using RGB COB LED strips for home lighting is very easy and flexible. For example, they can be installed on the edges of the cabinet, around the wall, or anywhere you want, and can be controlled, for example, with a controller or a smartphone. RGB LED tapes allow you to customize the color and strength of the lighting as you wish and create different moods and color schemes for different situations.