Smart LED 2.4G

Easy and versatile Smart LED 2.4G Smart Lighting

Combine Smart LED 2.4G Smart Lamps, Down Lights or 5 in 1 controllerby which you control all kinds of LED strips, Smart LED 2.4G-WiFi access point, to the remote, 1-, 4-, or 8 to a seat wall control or all the controls to control the lights! You will find different in the series RGB+CCT LED bulbs, RGB+CCT LED Controllers/Controls To Control All LEDs, RGB+CCT LED luminaires mixed Rgb+cct outdoor lamps. Easy RF and all products in the Smart LED 2.4G series are compatible and you can, for example, control the Smart LED 2.4G series RGB+CCT LED bulbs also Easy RF Series Controllers, as with convenient with a wall roller cap - Thus, the controller can both dim and adjust the color temperature of the bulb white color and on/off (but not adjust the colors).