LED profiles can be used to implement more openings with LED profiles. First, the light line can pass through the entire room from the wall to the wall and can be more side by side, usually about 1-2m apart. Or maybe you can install shorter 2M -length illuminated profiles in different patterns between the roof. In the lighting of the ceilings most often used Straight12 profilea in black (Dimensions 14.4mm x 6.6mm), freely either with black or opal diffuser. The profile sinks beautifully between the ribs, and especially the black diffuser is almost unnoticed when the lights are not on. With Straight12 profile we recommend using scoring COB LED light strips. Mini10 profile Also well suited for bar roof lighting, dimensions 12x12mm. With this profile you can also use basic strips with 120Led/m and get a scoreless result. From the profiles to be fitted Uppo10 LED profile Also very suitable for installation with an LED strip! This profile is just the right size eg. Cunning rim With, installation spacing 18mm, depth 19mm.