G4 LED bulbs (12V)

G4 LED bulbs are compact 12V lamps designed for use in various previously G4 halogens lamps such as table and floor lamps, sinking luminaires and roof luminaires suitable for G4 LED bulbs. These 12V LED bulbs are highly effective and durable and have a significantly longer service life than traditional halogen burners. G4 LED bulbs also consume less energy than traditional bulbs, so they are a long-term economic choice. In addition, they produce less heat, which makes them a safer alternative to halogens. G4 LED bulbs are available at a variety of color temperatures - 3000K warm white and 4000K neutral white so you can choose the color of the light that suits you. In addition, many of our G4 LED bulbs are dimmable, so you can adjust the light intensity as needed. Check the minimum load of your current halogens as watt. If the minimum load of the transformer is not fulfilled, do not LED-The burners worked and power supply Must change. In our range you will also find suitable replacements 12V LED transformers.