RGB+CCT controls

Smart LED 2.4G Series Wireless Controls You can control anything RGB+CCT Smart LED 2.4G LED, RGB+CCT LED bulb, Rgb+cct outdoor lamp or LED light strips different Our LED tape controller through. You can combine as many lights with the controls as you want! There are many different controls and they all work wirelessly. With a 1-channel control, all the lights that combine with the controller are directed at the same time, ie in one channel. The 4-channel controller has 4 different storage spaces, so you can control 4. different groups of luminaires/bulbs. This allows you to save, for example, the living room bulbs and lamps to work from 1st and kitchen lamps in group 2. etc. There are wall -mounted controls (with tape/screws according to your wishes) and remote controls. All controls work for radiators with a duration of about 3-5 years. When it is time to change the radiator radiators, the controller does not lose any previous connections but will operate normally after changing the radiator.