Bathroom lighting

A touch of luxury in everyday life

Bathroom lighting

An authentic SPA atmosphere in the bathroom LED-with lighting

Well-designed bathroom lighting adds to the comfort of the bathroom and improves everyday life. We recommend paying particular attention to the colour temperature of the lighting and the positioning of the light sources. In our range, you will find stylish bathroom lighting fixtures that will allow you to build the bathroom lighting you want.

LED-light ribbons

for bathroom lighting

LEDLighting strips are an excellent choice for bathroom lighting, as they are efficient, durable and energy-efficient. For example, they can be concealed in aluminium profiles or mounted directly on the ceiling or wall. LED-Available in different wattages and colour temperatures, they are suitable for a wide range of lighting needs. LED-The strips are manufactured from high quality components and we provide LED-Our ribbons come with a three to seven year guarantee. 

We recommend that you always use the same colour temperature light source for bathroom lighting, general lighting and mirror lighting. Otherwise, shade differences will easily occur in the bathroom. So choose lamps with the same colour temperature for your luminaires to achieve a uniform look. The basis of good bathroom lighting is the correct placement of light sources. The key is to have enough light coming from many directions to make the bathroom bright and spacious.

So when choosing a light, it's worth paying attention to the Kelvin (K), the colour temperature of the white colour of the lamp. The higher the colour temperature, the colder and bluer the light will appear.

Implementation tips

Composition of bathroom lighting

It is a good idea to place lighting above the mirror so that the light comes directly onto the face. This way, the facial lighting in the mirror is naturally even and there are no shadows, for example. Too harsh and cold light, on the other hand, is not flattering to the make-up artist, which is why neutral white lighting (4000K), which is white light, not blue or yellow, is often suitable for the bathroom. A warmer 3000K colour temperature is almost as desirable, with a hue similar to the warm white of an incandescent light bulb. The choice of light colour temperature is therefore a matter of taste and it is worth considering the atmosphere you want in the bathroom and the lighting as a whole to match the rest of the home.

It is therefore worth spending some time planning the lighting in your bathroom and thinking carefully about what kind of lighting you want in your bathroom. With good quality luminaires and correctly positioned light sources, you can create a pleasant and functional bathroom. We have a wide range of bathroom lighting products to help you create the bathroom lighting of your dreams.

Bathroom LED-

waterproof and profiles

Lighting indirectly through light-coloured surfaces creates an elegant effect in the bathroom as well as in a small toilet. LED strip are often installed in the bathroom, either on a single wall, in a wall-to-ceiling corner or on several walls in a circular pattern. LED-The strip can be installed either in a surface profile, recessed between the panel and the wall or by leaving a deeper hole in the bathroom ceiling. LED-and embedding it in the bottom of the wall LED-strip. LED strip can also be installed in the bathroom in the middle of the ceiling for general lighting, under the mirror cabinet and in the soap box to provide light.

LED strip

for bathroom lighting

A good choice for bathroom mood lighting is for example 4,8W LED strip in either 3000K or 4000K shade, which can be mounted in the ceiling with recessed profiles such as KEHYS14, which rotates around the roof or URA14 than surface-mounted on a profile of your choice, e.g. LINJA20FOUR HOLES16LAAJA24 or PINTA14. Indirect lighting recessed into the ceiling has become more common in bathrooms because it is non-glare and creates an elegant atmosphere in washrooms.

More efficient 9,6W LED-tape with NANO IP65 protection can be found here. This is a very practical strip for bathrooms, as the strip has a very thin NANO coating, which does not increase the size of the strip at all, but LED strip fits into standard profiles. The Nano IP strip also has an effective 1000lm/m, making it suitable for general lighting in bathrooms.

You can also find in our range RGBW and CCT or tunable white LED-tapes with IP67 protection, suitable for bathrooms and LED-for lighting even over showers or soap dispenser boxes and for installation under the ceiling in saunas!

Recommended by LED-profiles for the bathroom

If you are installing LED-the strip is surface-mounted in the corner of the bathroom wall and ceiling to illuminate, we recommend our MINI10 profile, which measures 12x12mm. With this profile you can create a small and neat lightbox with completely spotless light, e.g. 12W/m 24V IP67 LED-with our ribbon. The profile is available in black, white and aluminium and comes with handy 90 degree corner pieces if you want to illuminate more than one wall with the profile. A good surface profile for bathrooms and saunas is also NELIÖ16 profile, which also has space for a moisture-proof LED-tape.

The most popular bathroom flush-mounted LED-profile is URA14 profile which is available in anodised, black and white and comes with end pieces, a 90 degree corner piece, fixing clips and a wide range of deck options. You can always find all the appropriate accessories in the information for the profile in question. The cover should be opal or milk glass coverso that the LED dots are well hidden. 

LED-for profiles are available separately, depending on the model, several different types of decks, diffusers and accessories, adapted to your specific needs. This is why we sell separately profiledeck and accessories with end caps and with fasteners. Each profile's information shows the accessories suitable for that profile, and we are here to help you choose: call 010 311 2830 or write to us in the chat!

When planning your sauna lighting, you should also take a look at our sauna lighting tips!

Suitable for the bathroom

LED-aluminium lights

You will find in our range a number of bathroom lights designed for the bathroom LED-with high IP protection. LED-Available in white, black and a variety of brushed steel shades. For your bathroom, you can choose between luminaires with fixed LEDs or lamp bases with a choice of three different types of light, in a choice of white, white or grey or in a choice of three different colours. LED-with an integrated incandescent bulb.

Bathroom lighting is an important part of creating a good atmosphere of comfort and well-being. Choosing a good quality LED-lighting fixtures and by carefully designing the lighting, you can create the right lighting for your bathroom to suit your needs.

Bathroom lighting

IP ratings

For bathroom lighting, it is also important to take into account waterproof according to the TUKES guidelines. Below you will find an illustration of IP ratings for different parts of the bathroom lighting.

We have a wide range of luminaires suitable for high IP classes and LED-for bathrooms. If LED strip installed on the bathroom ceiling, and the wall height is more than 2,25cm and not strip directly on top of the shower, an e.g. IP33 LED strip.

If LED strip directly over a shower or bathtub or in a soap dish, for example, you should choose either an IP65 or IP67 ribbon. strip. Also in the sauna waterproof is necessary in the strip both for steam and, for example, for washing the ceilings. The aluminium profiles with their covers also protect the strip effectively against splashes.

LED-overhead lights

for bathroom lighting

A light fitting in the centre of the bathroom ceiling also provides additional general lighting in the bathroom. We have found several bathroom lights for you. LED-with high IP protection. LED-When choosing a luminaire, you should consider its wattage in order to get the required light output for your bathroom lighting. Lower wattages are sufficient for mood lighting, but higher wattages are needed for task lighting. Bathroom lighting should be considered at the design stage, so that it can be integrated with the other elements of the bathroom to achieve the best overall performance.

Bathroom lighting

LED-lighting in the sauna

Our range also includes stylish lighting for the sauna LED-solutions for your sauna. Read more about sauna lighting.