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Indirect lighting

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What is

Indirect lighting?

Indirect lighting is lighting where the actual light source is not visible and the light is reflected through a surface, such as walls or ceilings, into the room. 

Indirect lighting has many advantages over direct lighting, the main ones being the uniformity, softness and pleasantness of the lighting. Indirect lighting brings a pleasant and soft light into your home, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Indirect lighting is ideal for lighting living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, for example.

Indirect lighting also has the advantage of not creating glare or shadows, making it particularly suitable for reading and watching TV. Indirect lighting is also more even and less straining on the eyes than direct lighting.

Implementation tips

Indirect lighting design

When designing indirect lighting, it is important to consider the positioning of the light source and the intended use of the luminaire. Walls in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and kitchens are a good solution, as are the tops of kitchen cabinets, for example, where a direct basic lighting system can be installed, and LED strip to illuminate the ceiling.

Thus, indirect lighting requires luminaires that reflect light onto a wall or ceiling, for example. Such luminaires include wall luminaires, which can be mounted on the wall or hung on the wall. Another option is LED-ribbon luminaires that can be used to direct light in the desired direction by means of different mounting profiles.

Once the location has been decided, you need to think about how the lighting will be done and where the transformers will be placed. Suitable for LED-will depend slightly on your application - we generally recommend using 24V ribbonsas the voltage drop over several metres is not as high as with 12V tapes, meaning the light remains as bright over a distance of about 5m. When you plan your project and have products designed for indirect lighting, the installation can be completed in a matter of hours!

We are happy to help you design your project, so feel free to call us on 010 311 2830 and of course you can always tug our sleeve in our chat!

Recommended by LED-Profiles for indirect lighting

At the lighting factory you will find high quality LED-aluminium profiles specially designed for easy and elegant installation of indirect lighting. Our range includes a variety of trims to suit your interior design.

Indirect lighting is easy to achieve with Light Factory's stylish uplighting SEINÄ12 aluminium trim, available in both white and aluminium, see the SEINÄ12 list here. Also suitable for indirect lighting, T-shaped TAUSTA10 aluminium strip for indirect lighting in two directions, upwards to the ceiling and wall as well as downwards. Various standard U-shaped trims, such as Begton12 and MINI10, indirect lighting can be achieved by installing the list against the wall and under the list, for example, a straight or angled wooden cover strip to hide the light source. On the ceiling LED strip can be installed either at the corner of the ceiling and wall, for example FOURTEEN16-moulding. When implementing general lighting, different types of surface-mounted - and recessed profiles are practical.

LED-lighting in a lowered ceiling LED-tape

HOHDE12 LED-profiles

We have just added to our range a stunning range of recessed roof lighting designed for LED-profiles to illuminate any object in style!

HOHDE12 series profiles hide the neat edge of the plasterboard of a lowered ceiling and illuminate in the direction you want - HOHDE12 UP profile illuminates from the underside of the suspended ceiling upwards, and HOHDE12 DOWN profile illuminates from the height of the drop down diagonally towards the wall.

Suitable for indirect lighting

LED-light strips

For indirect lighting, it is advisable to choose an efficient LED strip, such as 18W/m 24V LED strip, as indirect lighting reflected from the ceiling and wall is always slightly frostedmpi than a directly directed light source.

A great choice for indirect lighting is also CCT i.e. tunable white LED strip, which allows you to adjust the mood of the lighting - brighter white light during the day and a more atmospheric warm white light in the evening. We also recommend installing a dimmer LED-so that the indirect lighting also works better as mood lighting in the evening. Dimming is easy to implement with our RF dimming products.

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