LED aluminum profiles

LED-aluminium profiles

LED-aluminium profiles are 2 metres long and come with a two-year guarantee. Aluminium profiles are surfacerecessed-angular, and special fitting models. The profiles are available with a wide range of accessories, including end caps and brackets, as well as high quality LED-tapes and LED-transformers. So you can choose the one that's right for you LED-profile, a cover of your choice, end caps and brackets to suit your needs, usually in three colours - anodised aluminium, black and white. The only limit is your imagination for what you can achieve in your home, shop or office! You will find one of the widest ranges in Finland LED-aluminium profiles and our customer service will be happy to help you if you want to ask about the right profile and accessories for your specific application.

LED-aluminium profiles and features

High quality anodised LEDanodised aluminium profiles are rust-proof and are suitable not only for interior use, but also for bathrooms, kitchen areas and outdoor use.

The diffusers are of high quality and UV-protected. Opal "milk glass" cover to better hide LED spots and to balance the light and prevent reflections from the glossy worktop. Clear cover allows all light to pass through, making it suitable for e.g. for indirect lighting and when you just want to protect strip from dust.

LED-The maximum width of the strip is either 8mm, 10mm or 12mm or more depending on the profile model. You can see the maximum width in the profile name. Begton12 e.g. aluminium profile will fit a max. For example, if the aluminium profile has a maximum width of 12mm, the aluminium profile can be 12mm. LED strip.

LED-Aluminium profiles and their benefits LED-for lighting

  1. Stylish, neat and professional finish LED-for strips.
  2. Aluminium dissipates heat well LED-from the strip, thus LED-extends the life of the strip.
  3. LEDThe -profile protects LED-tape from external shocks, dust, splashes and other stresses.

Dozens of different designs and three colours

Different profile models

Our range includes LED-aluminium profiles in a wide range of models and sizes, suitable for different applications. Surface, recessed-and corner profiles, our range of special profiles also includes aluminium profiles designed for specific applications, such as to the portalswardrobefor curved surfaces and for floor installation. Almost all LED-aluminium profiles are available in three colours: anodised aluminium, black and white.

LED aluminium profiles are suitable for applications such as underneath kitchen upper cabinets for task lighting and above for indirect lighting, mood lighting in homes, stair lighting and indirect lighting. Bathroom and sauna lighting, hotel, restaurant and exhibition lighting. For shelf lighting in shops and as flag lights.

Choose your profile and accessories

Installation and accessories LED-for profiles

We sell LED-aluminium profiles are available to order separately, so you can choose the cover you want for your chosen profile from up to seven different options and add end pieces, mounting clips in several models and other accessories to facilitate installation, such as corner pieces, connecting pieces and suspension cables.

For every LED-aluminium profile lists the accessories compatible with that profile in the product information, making it easy to order and ensuring you get just the right amount of accessories for your installation. Plus, we will check your order with us to make sure the accessories are compatible. We are happy to assist our customer service team with your selection, feel free to contact us by phone, email or chat!

LED-The aluminium profile can be fixed in place in several ways depending on the model. You can fix the aluminium profile using our ready-made compatible fasteners or by screwing through the profile, gluing or mounting tape. LED-The material of the aluminium trim is anodised aluminium, the covers are made of plastic. The aluminium profile can be shortened with a hacksaw. The covers can be shortened with a saw and scissors (sliding diffusers).

LED-aluminium profile you will need LED-tape and a transformer, i.e. a constant voltage power supply, a diffuser cover in a suitable colour for the installation and your choice of brackets and end caps, which you will find in our wide range of accessories.

Kitchen, indirect lighting

Various installation locations for profiles

Kitchen lighting surface-mounted LED-aluminium profiles are a practical and efficient lighting solution in combination with LED-with a strip. We particularly recommend PINTA10 LED-aluminium profile for the kitchen area. If the light shelf is to be embedded in the kitchen cabinet structure, it is suitable for use in, for example Begtin12 LED-aluminium profile. We can also put together a ready-made package for you to easily implement the lighting.

Indirect lighting is easy to implement, for example. SEINÄ12 LED-aluminium profile, as well as our T-shaped TAUSTA10 LED-aluminium profile. Also available with various U-shaped mouldings, such as MINI10 can be used to achieve indirect lighting by mounting the trim against the wall and underneath the trim, for example, a straight or angled cover strip to hide the light source.


Surface-mountable LED-aluminium profiles are suitable for kitchen worktop lighting, but also for many other applications, whether wall, ceiling or furniture installation. You can also use them to create easy lighting in ceilings to wrap around walls, under worktops to illuminate cabinets, and in saunas and bathrooms for great mood lighting.

LED-Aluminium profiles are available in a wide range of designs and styles: in different depths and widths, and in shapes and simple designs. All LED-aluminium profiles are available in three different colours. With high quality and affordable aluminium profiles LED-easy installation of the strip and LED-The aluminium profiles finish the installation neatly.


Submersible LED-aluminium profiles can be installed on walls, ceilings or furniture. In flush-mounting, a groove is milled into the profile or the profile is installed between boards, mouldings or mouldings, for example. The flush-mounting process provides a very neat and unobtrusive finish for quality lighting. Choose from either a slim or an impressively sized flush-mount LED-aluminium profile to suit your installation!


With corner-mounted profiles you can implement LED-lighting easily in the kitchen partition, in corridors at the wall/ceiling junction, inside a cupboard, under stairs... the possibilities are endless! Corner profiles are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, with different fixing methods. In the kitchen, the most popular is PT45 corner profile, which exceptionally comes with the whole package, i.e. the profile includes diffuser, clips and end pieces. With the PT45 profile you get dotless a result as early as 120led/m LED-strips. Also KULMA14 LED-aluminium profile and straight red KAAPPI12 LED-aluminium profile are aluminium profiles often used in kitchens and are also available in black and white.


We have a wide range of special profiles designed for different applications, including indirect light. SEINÄ12 LED-aluminium profileandSEINÄ10 more curved indirect lighting profile, for indoor and outdoor floor installations FLOOR12 LED-aluminium profile, for stairs ASKEL10 LED-aluminium profile or for glass lighting on shelves and display cases, for example LASI10 LED-aluminium profileKAARI12 LED-aluminium profile can be bent , making it suitable for lighting curved surfaces, e.g. window openings, curved walls and furniture, and for event lighting.

Our wide range includes


We have hundreds of different accessories in our range LED-for the aluminium profile. The product information for each profile contains links to all the products suitable for that profile series. For aluminium profiles, it is always advisable to use end pieces for a neat installation and a diffuser, i.e. a cover. In addition diffuser protection LED-tape from dust and water splashes.

Diffuser choice of diffuser is therefore an important LED-aluminium profile, because the opal cover smoothes the visibility of the LED dots and the light, but on the other hand, depending on the diffuser, reduces the luminous intensity by 25-50%. Opal cover should always be chosen where the profile is visible, and in kitchen installations to avoid dazzling the LED dots at the dining table. frostedA clear cover can be installed when a very high luminous intensity is desired, and LED strip is not visible, such as in indirect lighting, shop lighting on furniture, etc. The covers are available mainly in two different models, a slimmer sliding one cover as well as clickable stronger cover.

Almost all LED-aluminium profiles can be mounted as pendant luminaires using suspension cables. Suspension ropes are available for both live, which do not require a different wire tension but the current runs inside the wire, and the basic type.

If you are looking for furniture lighting for shop lighting, we recommend you to have a look at LumiSolutions Oy range at from furniture lighting, which are pre-measured to fit commonly used shelf widths (600mm, 900mm and 1200mm). LumiSolutions specialise in shop lighting, office lighting and furniture lighting for stores and we work closely with LumiSolutions and you can find us in Nummela in the same premises.