Z-Wave devices

Z-Wave Himment and RGBW Controller-Make your home smart home!

Z-Wave dimment For LED lights, it provides a whole new kind of maneuverability for home lighting. In our range you will find 100% Z-Wave compatible universal lighting controls that allow you to both control and dim monochrome LED lighting, control Multicolored RGBW LED strips mixed CCT COLOR TEMPERATURE LED TAPS. With Z-Wave dimensions, you control your lighting eg. via your smartphone and computer, save pre -set lighting situations and timings, and you can check your lighting space, for example, from the workplace or from the cottage, and even adjust it! In principle, the Z-Wave series works very similar to our RF WiFi series, but the Z-Wave connection also allows for example. remote connection, wider pre -regulations and timings. You will need a z-wave installation at its simplest with the Z-Wave controller, controller and bridge, ie, for example Z-Wave Gateway. Choose the controller and control depending on whether or not monochrome leds, RGB or RGBW LEDs or CCT LEDs for color temperature control. Together in a monochrome Z-Wave to the dimmer You can combine up to 4 different LED strips that you can control with different channels such as this with a four -channel controller. Many different control channels can also be controlled with one control. You can check out the convenient Z-Wave here.