Kitchen lighting

Keittiön LED-valaistus on helppoa toteuttaa laadukkailla LED-tuotteillamme. LED-nauhat, LED-profiilit sekä LED-mittatilausvalaisimet.

Kitchen LED-Lighting

Light up beautifully

Kitchen LED-lighting LED-tape

Kitchen lighting is an important part of the atmosphere and functionality of your home. LED-Strip lighting is one of the most popular lighting solutions for kitchens today, offering many advantages over traditional lighting solutions.

LED-They are energy efficient and have a long lifespan, reducing electricity consumption and the need to change light bulbs. They also heat up little, making them safe to use in the kitchen. In addition, LED-They are versatile and are available in different colour temperatures, so you can create pleasant lighting for different situations.

LED-They are a very effective and practical choice for kitchen lighting. They provide even light on kitchen worktops and cabinet doors and can be easily installed, for example, inside an aluminium profile. LED-The strips allow you to create different atmospheres with different lighting colours, as they are available in a range of colour temperatures. They are easy to install and offer a wide choice of colour temperatures and wattages.

The most common colour temperature chosen for the kitchen area is 4000K, a neutral white shade. However, if the kitchen is open to the living room, for example, and the whole house has 3000K warm white lighting, then 3000K may be a good option for the recess. Also tunable white lighting is handy in the kitchen! You can read more about the different kelvins or colour temperatures here.

Keittiön välitilan valaistus LED-nauhalla

Tips for choosing

Kitchen LED-installation of lighting

LED-In kitchen lighting, the strips are usually mounted on an aluminium profile to protect them from dust and moisture. In addition to traditional kitchen worktop lighting, strips can also be installed above kitchen cabinets, for example, to reflect light upwards towards the ceiling, creating indirect and pleasant lighting.

Kitchen LED-kitchen lighting also has the advantage of LED-Lights last longer and consume less energy than traditional lighting. Kitchen lighting needs to be efficient and uniform enough to cook and read recipes in the kitchen. LED-strips offer a good solution to this, as they allow the lighting to be adjusted as required. LED-They are also energy efficient, so they save on your electricity bill.

Kitchen lighting is easy to implement with high quality LED-with our quality products. You will find your choice of LED-tape to be installed on your preferred LED-profile with accessories, i.e. power supply, dimming and light control if required, so you can buy the accessories and install the kitchen lighting conveniently yourself!

We also offer custom-made service kitchen LED-lighting, which means that the luminaires are delivered to you ready to use, complete with wiring, and easy to install in your kitchen. We are also happy to help you with the positioning of your luminaires and the design of your lighting solutions. We welcome you to visit our kitchen LED-kitchen lighting range!

LED-strips for kitchen lighting

These LED-light strips are especially recommended for kitchen lighting. Most popular LED-tape for kitchen recess lighting is 17,3W/m 24V LED strip, with a dense 168led/m LED and high colour rendering CRI>95 and good luminous efficacy of 1500lm/m. LED-The ribbons are mainly available in 5m reels, but we also supply a few LED-ribbons in 2m and 3m lengths.

See all suitable for kitchen worktops LED-light strips.

LED-Profile luminaires made to measure for the kitchen

Our made-to-measure luminaires contain a preassembled LED-luminaire: your choice of LED-profile of your choice with LED-strip, cover, end caps and mounting clips. Easy to install! All you need is the right size transformer(s) for your luminaire, and you can also add your luminaire dimming. Made by hand in Finland, custom made according to your wishes, delivery time about 1-2 weeks.

We are happy to assist you custom-made lamp in choosing and designing your light - write to us in chat or call 010 311 2830

Ready-made lighting accessories packages for kitchen lighting

We have put together a range of ready-to-use kitchen lighting packages from our accessories. The ready-made packages are available in 2m and 3m lengths and additional lighting is available if you want to connect 2 x 2m long lamps to the same transformer, e.g. on both sides of a cooker hood. Ready-made kitchen lighting packages are available with both traditional ON/OFF light switches and wall-mounted TRIAC transformers and wireless RF control.

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