Sauna lighting

Saunan valaistus tyylikkäästi SAUNA LED-nauhalla. Himmennettävä ja lämmönkestävä SAUNA LED luo upean tunnelmavalaistuksen saunaan.
Saunan valaistus

Modern sauna lighting

Sauna lighting

In style SAUNA LED-with light strip

Under the sauna benches and behind the backrest

Sauna lighting LED-tape

Sauna lighting is an important part of the sauna experience. It can have a significant impact on the atmosphere and relaxation. One popular and versatile way of lighting a sauna is to use SAUNA LED-tapes. They provide adjustable lighting that can be customized to your preferences. This article discusses how you can use LED-in the sauna and what to consider to achieve the best possible results.

Saunan LED-valaistus Lake Pavillionissa

Heat resistant

Designed for sauna LED-light strips

The most convenient way to illuminate a sauna is with indirect lighting, reflected from the surface of the wood. LED-lighting. Sufficient light must come from the right places - such as under the logs and behind the backrest - so that you can move around the sauna easily and safely. In a cosy sauna, the light itself is not visible, but is placed where it is needed for safety and atmosphere! Well-designed sauna lighting increases the comfort of the sauna and makes it more enjoyable. 

We recommend installing a sauna LED-The sauna will be more comfortable and will provide you with a more pleasant sauna experience. It is a good idea to design the sauna lighting so that the light is behind the sauna users, for example on the backrest, and that it is focused on the sauna surfaces, such as the lowest slab. For sauna lighting, heat-resistant LED strip is usually installed on a skirting board to illuminate and/or up and down the backrest.

Saunan valaistus LED-valonauhalla, jonka värilämpötila on 4000K

Tips for creating an atmospheric ambience

Sauna lighting LED-tape

Dimmable and heat resistant SAUNA LED strip creates a wonderful mood lighting in the sauna. SAUNA LED strip 5W/m 24V is currently a popular product for sauna lighting, and when placed correctly, for example under a ceiling, it is sufficient to illuminate the entire sauna. You can choose SAUNA LED-You can choose either a standard ON/OFF transformer or a dimmable transformer. SAUNA LED-The strip can also be easily controlled by with wireless controls.

SAUNA LED-tapes are known for their long life. They last for years without the need to change the light source. SAUNA LED-They are also highly energy efficient, which saves electricity costs in the long run. 

LED strip should always be installed inside an aluminium profile, so that the heat generated by the LED is conducted through the metal into the environment. LEDs have a poor resistance to temperatures above 50°C, so the recommended installation height also depends on how warm the sauna is to be heated. We recommend LED-We recommend that the strip be installed at a maximum height of about 1 metre in the sauna, which, together with the profile, will significantly extend the life of the strip. SAUNA LED- is well suited for use with Our PINTA14.v2 profile.

Atmosphere and luminosity for cleaning

The importance of sauna lighting

Sauna lighting has a significant impact on the sauna experience and sauna comfort. Well-designed lighting also enhances the sauna atmosphere and improves the sauna experience. A comfortable sauna experience therefore requires adequate lighting in the sauna. There should be enough light to allow safe movement in the sauna, but at the same time the lighting should be dim enough to make the sauna experience pleasant. On the other hand, more efficient lighting is useful for cleaning the sauna, for example. For this reason, we recommend that you use a more efficient lighting system for your sauna. LED- dimming, so that you can adjust the sauna lighting to suit the moment.

LED-Strip lighting is a great way to create atmospheric and adjustable lighting for your sauna. Careful preparation, attention to safety and choosing the right colour will help you achieve the atmosphere you want. Taking a sauna should be relaxing and enjoyable, and the right lighting can help you achieve this goal. SAUNA LED- the light output is easily adjustable, which means you can create different lighting conditions in your sauna. You can choose between bright and refreshing light or a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

We do not have any heated lamps or ceiling-mounted 'starry sky' types in our lighting range. LED-fibres, because the temperatures on the ceiling are so high that the life of the LED is significantly reduced and the heat can even break them.