Global Trac Base 1 Phase Rail Accessories

Global Trac® Base uses are spaces that can utilize the lightness of the 1 - district rail and the slim look. Typical applications include homes, shop windows, small shops and fair construction. Alongside the basic rail, there is also a submerged model for use, for example, for low -calculated roof systems. Global Trac Base 1 is available in white, black and aluminum. From the supplies feed boxes, adapters, sequel-, angular and ends found in these three different shades. Global Trac Base Lighting Rail 1m and 2m In length, but with the extension, you can make the light rail just as long as you want! The rail can be reduced to the desired size by sawing. The covers of all the connecting parts of the Global Trac Base 1 phase rail system are attached without screws and the appearance is well-groomed and stylish. In addition, the lids of the joints open completely, leaving room for installation. Rail system angle-, middle and T-songs are also designed for power supply and the power supply cable is convenient to connect. Global Trac Base on the rail You can find LED luminaires here.