Staircase and floor lighting

Staircase installed, special -resistant Porras10 down LED profile have to be easily installed on an aluminum strip on an LED strip that illuminates down and acts on stairs as a non -slip barrier Thanks to the grooved surface. Good scratching durability, profile illuminates the stairs with softly glowing light Story12 UP LED profile have to be installed on the stairs, upward-lit LED aluminum list that emphasizes the edges of the stairs And is especially suitable for use in cinemas, restaurants and other places where you want to make it easier to detect stairs with light. Tiled stairs Porras10 tile profile, downward-lit LED aluminum list designed For finishing and lighting the edges of the tiled stairs. With a step10 profile You make a lasting light edge at the edge of the stairs. If you want to illuminate the floor with a light line so Floor12 profile with its covers have a super-resistant profile for floor light and Floor8 profile Lower model from the previous one. Floor and staircase profiles can withstand stepping on and are also suitable for bathrooms, swimming pools and outdoors when using a moisture-resistant LED strip.