Color changing RGB LEDs



Introducing colour-changing LEDs

Multicolour or colour-changing RGB+ LEDribbons offer a wide range of colour options and can be controlled by different controllers, making multi-coloured LED-strips are an excellent choice for a variety of lighting applications. These LED-ribbons are an excellent choice for colourful lighting for home entertainment, parties or corporate events. They are also an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting.

LED-The colours/characteristics of the strip lights are determined by the type of LEDs used in the light. LEDThe LEDs of the strip are determined by the specific LED(s) that are pre-installed in the strip.

For monochrome LED-light strips have a single LED, to which the + and - wires are connected. This strip therefore produces a monochrome light.

Similarly, for example RGB LEDs have 4 LED chips attached, +, R (Red), G (Green) and B (Blue) etc. These LED-chips can be adjusted to different intensities to produce light of almost any colour. RGB LEDThe -chips are very versatile and can be used to create a wide range of colour illuminations. They are ideal for applications such as party lighting, advertising lighting, cinema lighting and home ambient and accent lighting. RGB LED-The strips can also be controlled by a smartphone or wireless remote control if desired, allowing the light to be adjusted to the desired colour and intensity.

More information on all types of coloured lights below LED-tapes and their characteristics.

ON/OFF and dimming

Monochrome LED-light strips

In monochrome LEDs have only one LED and two wires connected to it, + and -. The LEDs can be dimmed, but their colour cannot be changed.

Monochrome LED-are available in different shades of white light, such as

  • 2700K (very warm white)
  • 3000K (warm white)
  • 4000K (neutral white)
  • 5000K (cold white)
  • 6000K (cold white

Also monochrome LED-light strips are also available as monochrome coloured strips, such as blue, red and green, which therefore reflect light of one colour, for example, always blue.

Colour temperature control + dimming (Tunable White)

CCT LED-light strips

CCT LED-strips the colour of the light, or kelvin, is adjustable from warm white to off-white, e.g. 2500-6000K, plus tunable white LED-The ribbons are dimmable. CCT The strips have two LEDs, a very warm white LED WW - Warm White and a cold white LED CW - Cold White. Depending on the strip, the LEDs can either alternate in the strip or be in the same LED chip.

For example CCT colour temperature adjustable LED-tape there are 3 wires, +, ww (warm white) and cw (cold white) between which the light controllers control the power supply ratio. So the light controllers can usually be used to adjust continuously which LED is burning more efficiently and if both LEDs are on equally brightly then the colour temperature of the mixture of warm and cold white will be between them, i.e. about 4500K.

CCT LED-The ribbons are usually 10mm wide, although we also have a number of 8mm wide ones in our range. CCT-ribbons. CCT connectors are only suitable for 10mm strips with max 120led/m. White light tones are controlled by e.g. RF WiFi series CCT-controllers and regulators from our range or our EASY RF series CCT-controllers with. Our EASY RF range also includes colour temperature adjustable bulbs and LED-luminaires, which you can control with the same controls as CCT-LED-strip lighting, so you can easily make the lighting of your entire home, for example tunable whiten.

With colour temperature controls, i.e. CCT-lighting controls can always be used not only for colour temperature control but also for dimming. CCTThis means that a variety of bright, natural light-like and low-power, atmospheric candlelight-like lighting modes can be created.

Multicoloured RGB

RGB LED-light strips

RGB LED-in ribbons have a red (Red), green (Green) and blue (Blue) LED, usually built into a single LED, i.e. four wires: R, G, B and +. These colours can be mixed to create a stunningly beautiful variety of hues, both by mixing the colours together and by dimming them. This can be used to create many different colours and colour styles, and the tape can be used to create a mood or bring a theme light to the stage, for example.

RGB LED-The width of the ribbon is usually 10mm, although there are exceptions - check the product details when ordering, especially if you want to use a ribbon with a width such as RGB-connectors. Connectors are suitable for 10mm max 60led/m RGB LED-ribbons. As a novelty available RGB COB LED-tapes i.e. dotless RGB-tapes.

You can control RGB-LED-tapes, for example RF WiFi kits RGB-controllers or Smart LED with our 2.4G series controllers.

Multicoloured RGB + W white

RGBW LED-light strips

RGBW LED-in strips are also available in white, either warm white WW or neutral white CV. In addition, colours such as RGB-Red, Green and Blue LEDs, usually built into a single LED, i.e. 5 wires in total: R, G, B, W and +.

So you can choose LED-The white colour tone of the strip is either a warm white of 2700K or a neutral white of 4000K, which you want to be the main white tone. White allows you to better tint the white colour with different shades of red, green and blue and create, for example, light blue, white with a greenish tint, etc. up to millions of different colours. Dimming is also always possible with the controls.

RGBW LED-The strips are generally 12mm wide, although there are exceptions. RGBW LED-Our connectors for ribbons are available in 12 mm or less. 19,2W/m 24V and 14,4W/m 24V RGBW LED-other strips do not have a suitable wiring for standard connectors. In addition to the connectors, new wires can always be soldered to the end of the strips if you want to make new splices using the same 5m strip, for example in several sections.

You can control RGBW-LED-tapes, for example RF WiFi kits RGBW-controllers or Smart LED with our 2.4G series controllers.

Multicoloured RGB + WW CW colour temperature control

RGB+CCT LED-light strips

RGB+CCT LED-in strips have both white colours included, warm white WW and neutral white CV, which can be adjusted to the desired colour temperature. In addition, colours such as RGB-Red, Green and Blue LEDs, usually built into a single LED or alternating e.g. CW-chip (i.e. cold white), RGB-chip and WW-chip (warm white) and of course + wire, i.e. 6 wires in total.

This makes RGB+CCT LED-This makes the strips an excellent choice for lighting applications where, for example, versatile colour lighting is required and where the colour temperature of the white light needs to be adjusted as required.

So, in addition to all colour adjustments, you can also adjust the colour temperature of white light from cold to white (usually 2500K - 6000K) steplessly and dimming works too, of course. RGB+CCT LED strip is therefore the most versatile LED strip, with all the adjustment possibilities.

RGB+CCT The strips are usually 12mm wide and have six wires, + and one wire for each colour. Take this into account when designing your wiring.

We always recommend LED-soldering new wires to the tape - if you want to cut the tape into several lengths, for example, but also RGB+CCT tapes that fit 12mm RGB+CCT connectors can be found in our range. You can control RGB+CCT – LED-tapes, for example Our RF WiFi kits RGB+CCT-controllers or Smart LED with our 2.4G series controllers or even our Zigbee controllerswhich you can also connect to your Philips Hue bridge.

RGB+CCT LED-In addition to ribbons, there are RGB+CCT bulbs and RGB+CCT lamps, which you can control 2.4G series with the same remote controls and wall controls as the LED-so you can easily make your home lighting versatile and colourful.

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