Global Trac Base 1 Phase Rail

The Global Trac® Base is a compact 1-circuit base rail. It has a small size and a graceful appearance. The rail is also lightweight to handle and install. Versatile installation solutions are part of the whole. There are several options and the speed and ease of installation mean savings in installation costs. Global Trac® Base uses are spaces that can utilize the lightness of the 1 - district rail and the slim look. Typical applications include homes, shop windows, small shops and fair construction. Alongside the basic rail, you will also find a submerged model for use for low -calculated roof systems. The basic colors are gray, white and black - as in all Global Trac® Base rails. Global Trac® Basen's joints have a very special installation and facilitating detail: the lids of the joints are fastened to a quick mount even without tools. This greatly facilitates installation. The connecting parts are reliable and the customer knows that the installation is in order at once.