For indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is lighting where the actual light source is not visible and the light is reflected in the space of a surface, such as walls and roofs. Indirect lighting has many advantages compared to direct lighting, the biggest benefits are the smoothness, softness and pleasure of the lighting. Indirect lighting is easy to implement from the wall up to the ceiling with straight line Wall12 on aluminum list. Wall10 LED profile is otherwise similar but curved on its outer surface and Smooth12 profile The front is hidden in the wall. Indirect lighting is also suitable for T-shaped Background10 Aluminum strip that allows you to indirectly illuminate both up to the ceiling and wall and down. Our range has just been added to the stunning LED profiles designed to illuminate the lowered roof to light the object as an item! Hohde12 Series Profiles hide the cutting edge of the lowered roof of the gypsum board and illuminate in the direction you want - Hohde12 up profile illuminates the lower surface of the lowered roof upward and Hohde12 down The profile illuminates the lower height obliquely towards the wall. If a finished shelf is already built on the wall for indirect lighting, it can be installed on top of it with a basic top -shaped profile such as Direct LED profile or angular profile such as Pt45 angle profile to the ceiling to illuminate. You can find the full full LED light strip selection for profiles here.