COB & CSP LED Tape - Scoreless Light

With non-pointed COB & CSP LEDs, you create beautiful flat light lines without LED points, even in very low LED profiles and even without an LED profile. Innovative COB technology allows a large number of LED chips packed in a very small space with a phosphorus coating on the LED light tape. Dot -free cob LED strip So shine a soft, smooth light from the end of the ribbon. Our COB LED tapes are available for both IP20 and outdoor and bathroom use IP-protected. In the new CSP LED lights, the appearance of light is also scorless, as in Cob tapes, but the light efficiency is even better and there is no yellow fostor coating, but translucent milk coating and CSP chips are loaded directly into the tape that reduces eg. breakdown due to the flexibility of the tape. NOVELTY! Also Cct LED strip and multicolored rgb cob LED strip Now in our selection!