Koronan poikkeustilalla ei ole vaikutuksia verkkokaupan toimituksiin, myymälä rajoitetusti avoinna 27.5 saakka

Korona's Emergency Status has no effect on e -commerce deliveries, the store is limited until 27.5

Updated 27.5.2020 

Orders for our e -commerce stores are currently working normally - Orders are shipped every weekday as normal as normal, ie warehouse products go on the order day or usually no later than the next working day. On the other hand, our store is limited, mainly by agreement until 29.5.2020-between 8am and 4pm on weekdays. 

For e -commerce delivery and customer service, we are normally at work and shop every weekday, at least every week, but we may also work part of the day remotely. As a result, we hope that you will be in advance when you will either pick up the products or explore our products, and for pick -up orders, we will also call the subscriber to arrange for pick -up. You can catch us on 040 515 6226 or our customer service number!

In this way, at the time of Pandemia, we hope to take the government guidance not to arrive at our store if you know the symptoms of the flu, or have traveled in the epidemic areas in the next few days. In addition to protecting the risk groups, we hope for this because if we employees are ill, we will not be able to care for other customers. Hands can also be found immediately at the mouth of the store door. 🙂 Thank you for your understanding! 

In accordance with epidemics of different countries, there have been some delays in the spring's epidemics, that is, of course, all the products in the warehouse will be delivered immediately after the order, but in the post-delivery products, the delivery time varies within 1-5 weeks, depending on the current situation of that supplier. We will inform you on a product -by -product basis after your order, and of course you can also get more information in advance by calling the availability of post -delivery products to our customer service - 040 515 6226

We will inform you more about the situation as we get more information and see how the situation is evolving, but at the moment, to our delight, our e -commerce is operating normally.

Wishing a bright spring, the people of a luminous factory


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