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LED light dimming and light control

Dimensioning and wireless light control increases the comfort of lighting to dimming LED lights and the light control is easy to implement with our RF and RF WiFi series. In addition to the LED tape and the transformer, you only need a receiver and a wireless controller, read more below!

RF series

Rf dimmers For the dimming and control of monochrome LEDs.

On the rf series One or more LED sets can be dimmed. You will need a receiver and controller/controls for dimming. The RF series works with all our LED tapes for dimming and lighting and turning off. Separate wiring is not required, the receiver is connected to the secondary side between the LED tape and the transformer, and wirelessly connects to the controller of your choice-and the dimming function is complete! We will be happy to assist with the choice of dimmers, feel free to contact us and ask for more! 

RF WiFi Series

Rf wifi set CCT and multicolored RGB (W) LED strips of color temperature control

Rf wifi set is specifically designed CCT for color temperature control and RGB (W) LED Tape There are alternatives for coloring and dimming, but also for monochrome control and dimming. The series works just like the RF series, connecting the receiver between the LED tape and the transformer and the wireless connection to the controller, but it is also possible to control the lights with the converter. All products in the series are compatible with each other and can be used to build incredibly stunning lighting experiences at home and in the office. Rf wifi converter With the help of your phone or tablet, a remote control that rises to new dimensions (WiFi iOS / Android operating systems), and you can use wireless wall controls and remote controls to control light control. 

Z-Wave Series

Z-Wave with lighting control products you create your home for smart lighting

In our range you will also find Z-Wave compatible universal lighting control products. With Z-Wave, you can control the lighting of your home, for example. via your smartphone and computer, save pre -set lighting situations and timings, and you can check and adjust the lighting, for example, at work or at the cottage. By the way, the Z-Wave series is very similar to our RF WiFi series, but integrated with the Z-Wave Master controller or its own Gateway. Check out Z-Wave more details here


IR sensors and touch sensors for light control

In sensors You can conveniently control the lighting, for example, with kitchen countertops. Our range includes both contact, IR and metallic sensor, so you can adjust the brightness of the lighting and turn off/put on the lights, for example. The cabinet sensor lights and turns the lights when the cabinet door opens, so it is very suitable for eg. In connection with the lighting of the hallway wardrobe. Sensors are very easy and pleasant to use for LED dimming. 


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