LED-nauhat Osramin LED:eillä sekä korkealla värintoistoindeksillä CRI <90

LED strips of Osram LED and high color rendering index CRI <90

New LED strips in the LED online store-Osram LED and the high color rendering index CRI <90 We added to our selection of LED tapes with high color rendering index CRI> 90 and high quality LEDs with Osram LEDs and 5 year Warranty.

The high color rendering index provides a very pleasant quality of light and also beautifully repeats the common red tone that is generally difficult to repeat. Normally, CRI> 80 is enough to power, but for example, in the bathroom makeup or cooking, it is nice when the color tones are repeated as genuine as possible.

Check out the new things and get inspiration!

CRI color reproduction with LED light strips


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