Loisteputkien vaihto LED-loisteputkiin

By replacing old fluorescent tubes with efficient LED pipes, you save up to 70% in electricity consumption!

Did you know that the replacement for LEDs is easy and that the LED fluorescent tube takes up to 50,000 hours. There is often no need to do alterations in the luminaire, but the pipes are changed as such to the luminaire. The T8 fluid tube is as easy as possible: the lighter is replaced with an LED lighter supplied with the LED tube and a fluorescent in the LED tube.

Using our high-quality LED pipes, you also get much more downward light than in a regular fluorescent tube: for example, the 24W LED tube corresponds to 58W fluorescent tubes. Electricity savings during operating time are greater than the cost of purchasing LED pipes, that is, switching to LED pipes will pay off quickly.

In the LEDs in the garage

Changing fluorescent tubes to LED pipes also save nature: LED pipes are more environmentally friendly than fluorescent tubes, as they do not use mercury or other heavy metals that are harmful to the environment and the LED pipes can be circulated.

Our range also includes Premium LED pipes with excellent light output up to 3,600 lm and are suitable for lighting situations in offices and production facilities with high ceilings or light is needed to perform precise work.

You can also request a quote from us for LED pipes-we will be happy to help: by email customer service@valotehdas.fi and by phone 010 311 2830

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