Easy RF 2.4G

Easy-to-use, affordable dimmers for monochrome LED strips and color temperature-controlled LEDs. You always need a receiver and a controller to control the LED strip. All this Easy RF 2.4G products are compatible with each other, for monochrome LEDs Choose 12-24V dim receiver, for LED strips for color temperature control 12-24V CCT receiver and the control of your choice. If you want to control the 230V triac dimming LED luminaires or LED bulbs, select your receiver 230V TRIAC/PUSH DIM Dimmator. Easy RF and all products in the Smart LED 2.4G series are compatible and you can, for example, control the Smart LED 2.4G series RGB+CCT LED bulbs also Easy RF Series Controllers, as with convenient with a wall roller cap - Thus, the controller can both dim and adjust the color temperature of the bulb white color and on/off (but not adjust the colors).