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The light factory is LED-is a 100% domestic company specialising in luminaires and lighting components. We import high quality LED-and we manufacture luminaires from components in our own factory in Nummela. Our online shop is open to everyone and LED-Our shop is open on weekdays for both consumers and wholesale customers.

It is important to us that LED-Luminaires are the perfect match for your lighting needs, which is why we are happy to be your trusted supplier. LED-expert.

Personalized service and

Wide range of products LED-products

Our range covers linear LED-solutions for linear lighting, in addition we supply a variety of downlights and spotlights and our product range is constantly growing.

LED-our range of aluminium profiles is by far one of the most versatile in Finland, with stylish colours and accessories. LED-Our aluminium profiles are reasonably priced and we have a wide range of products in stock, with deliveries within 1-3 days.

You can also find from us LED-aluminium profiles LED-tapes and power sources, dimmers and custom assembled ready-made LED-profile luminaires.

The high quality of our products is very important to us, we test our products ourselves and only use reliable and long-lasting partners.

As a consumer, you can shop directly in our online store or in our store in Nummela. If you are an electrical or construction professional and you are interested in our products, read more wholesale.

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Fast and professional service for consumers and businesses alike. Contact us!

The Light Factory is proudly

is proudly a 100% domestic company

We have been working for over 16 years with all kinds of LED-lights from Nummela. We are a reliable domestic LED-and we have an excellent AA+ credit rating. We have extensive expertise in both for corporate premises and stores quality LED-lighting as well as energy-efficient and comfortable lighting in homes. LED-lighting.

We test everything ourselves LED-products and use only carefully selected, highly reliable and reliable materials. LED-suppliers. This way we ensure that LED-your lights work properly, save up to 80% energy and are safe and long-lasting.

LED-Our lights create a pleasant ambience and efficient lighting - depending on your wishes and the location!

Expert customer service

We help you

We will do our best to exceed your expectations for customer service. We are here to help LED-From the moment you see our products, we'll help you with your lighting needs.

You can read about our customers experiences about our service and products. Not enough clarity on the differences between constant currents and constant voltages? What LED-profile to choose for the kitchen partition? We have tried to gather the necessary information on the website, but you can always ask us! We can be reached by phone 010 311 2830, by email and via our handy chat, where you can LED-An expert can be with you in minutes.

We also process all orders LED-products as soon as they reach us and, if necessary, suggest alternatives and additional products if we find, for example, compatibility problems or something crucial is missing. LED-of your order.

You can also find out about our references here.

Reliable and high quality

LED-lighting products

We want to be a pioneer LED-lighting for both homes and businesses, and we are constantly looking for new high quality and unprecedented performance solutions. LED-lighting and LED-and strip lighting in our range.

LED-We have one of the widest ranges of profiled light fittings in Finland and you can order LEDWe are one of the largest suppliers in Finland and you can also order your luminaires from us as pre-assembled and made-to-measure products. LED-Our products are competitive in quality and price for both professional and home use. You will find high quality and state-of-the-art products from us. LED-technology. LED-lighting solutions with a 2-7 year guarantee.

It is important to us that LED-Luminaires that meet your lighting needs perfectly, which is why we are happy to be your trusted supplier. LED-expert.

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