Neon Strip LED strips

Moisture Protected IP67 and IP68 Neon Strip LED strips Bathroom, terrace, etc. to light the moist space with completely dots. In Neon's Strip LED light strips, the tape is surrounded by a durable silicone white on the sides and has an opal silicone dick on the tape. Neon Strip strips can be cut to a suitable length just like other LED strips and can be soldered to a new output at the appropriate location for the electric feed. Top Bend series - Neon Strip The Top Bend series bends "up-and-down" up and down and is made of environmentally friendly silicone material with IP67 protection and high protection against UV radiation; Neon Strip LEDs can thus be installed outdoors, exposing to strong sunlight yellowing and aging. Suitable for decorative lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces and eg. the outline lighting of the building. Neon Strip is made of material that can withstand chlorine acid, acid and alkaline corrosion and fire retardants. Side Bend series - Neon Strip The Neon Strip strips on the side have a unique optical structure that creates smooth lighting without visible LED points. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Neon Strip strips can also be used for water-mounted lighting such as a swimming pool-models are available for up to IP68.