Led-nauha saunaan IP65 max. 100°C
Saunaan led-nauha IP-suojattu IP65
Sauna LED light strip 5W/m 24v, IP65, max. 100 ° C - 2.5m reel
Sauna LED light strip 5W/m 24v, IP65, max. 100 ° C - 2.5m reel
Sauna LED light strip 5W/m 24v, IP65, max. 100 ° C - 2.5m reel
Sauna LED light strip 5W/m 24v, IP65, max. 100 ° C - 2.5m reel
Sauna LED light strip 5W/m 24v, IP65, max. 100 ° C - 2.5m reel
Sauna LED light strip 5W/m 24v, IP65, max. 100 ° C - 2.5m reel

Sauna LED light strip 5W/m 24v, IP65, max. 100 ° C - 2.5m reel

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LED strip for sauna - this novelty has been expected! Especially in the sauna and designed for heat-resistant sauna LED strip, which can withstand max. 100 ° C temperatures and, of course, is also IP65 protected from moisture. At its simplest, you only need only a transformer. The sauna is 2.5m long and the other end has pre-soldered 200cm long wires. Sauna LED strip is dimmable (eg.  25W 24V triac with a dimmable transformer)) And it has a high quality 3030 LEDs. To shorten the sauna to the appropriate size of the LED strip every 10cm and finish the end with eg silicone or with silicone plug!
The power sauna in the LED strip is up to 150lm/W, so with this 5W/m 24v ribbon you get a great and stylish lighting for the sauna. Two tone options: The most popular in saunas Warm white 2700k mixed neutral white 4000K. Long service life and three to five years warranty depending on the temperature of the installation mode.
You will find the right transformer Here's a 35W 24v IP67, one 2.5m sauna tape also goes 15W 24V IP44 transformer and for two 2.5m sauna tape 35W 24v IP44 transformer or 30W 24v IP44 transformer.

LED strip for sauna IP65 with great heat resistance max. 100 ° C - 5W/m 24v - 2.5m in reel

Sauna at the bottom of the LED strip, ie no tape, but the sauna tape comes with 5 silicone mounting brackets to screw the tape to the bottom of the benches, behind the back or you can also attach the tape, for example with this silicone the bottom of the LED profile. The sauna LED strip is 12.5mm wide, meaning that the profiles suitable for this light tape are eg. Surface14, Square AND Large24. Read more from sauna lighting.

  • The product is tested in approved laboratories

  • Osram's 3030led Chip is of high quality and LED is lifelong and meets LM-80 requirements

  • High quality of light meets the EU requirements for indoor lighting

  • Very high efficiency of snow/w, ie 140-150lm/w
  • Can be cut to a suitable length at 8 LEDs, ie 10cm, on top of double moisture protection, the nano coating IP65 and the silicone tube IP65, which protects the tape from moisture.
  • If you drink new wires on the tape, first peel off the silicone off the soldering site and scratch the nano coating gently at the copper bits, otherwise the soldering will not stick to the copper.
  • Suitable for indoor use in humid conditions such as sauna, spa and bathrooms
  • The ribbon must be protected from UV radiation, for example, with an LED profile. UV radiation brittle the Nano surface treatment of the LED tape and shortens the lifetime of the tape.
  • Suitable transformer for one-to-one 2.5m long sauna with an LED tape is, for example 35W 24v IP67 transformer
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty ≦ 85 ° C

  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty ≦ 100 ° C

  • Lifetime (L80> 60,000 h)

Model DS980
Operating voltage 24vdc
Power w/m 5w
Light Power, 2700k ~ 690lm
Light output, 4000K ~ 720lm
Efficiency 144-150lm/w
Opening angle 120º
LED/M 80
CRI >80
Reel length 2.5m
Dimensions (mm) 2500 x 12.5 x 4.2

Operating temperature -20 ℃+100 ℃

Conformity Insurance: CE

Fills standards: LST EN 60598-1: 2009 IEC / EN 60068-2-14: 2009 EN 62031: 2008, EN 62031: 2008 / A1: 2013, EN 62031: 2008 / A2: 2015 EN / IEC 60068- 2-14 : 2009.

The product is manufactured using LEDs that have been tested for 6000h according to LM-80.

The product packaging is designed and manufactured based on: EN 13427: 2006, EN 13427: 2006. Packaging materials can be recycled according to EN 13430: 2007.

Packed in cardboard. Size 187 * 183 * 20mm

Plastic. Size d = 190mm h = 15mm

Installation instructions are in each box

[Caption ID = "Attachment_52826" Align = "Aligncenter" Width = "800"]Sauna lighting with an LED strip Sauna lighting with an LED strip[/caption]

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mikko Thurman
Saunan valo

Erittäin tyylikäs tuli. Suosittelen!

Hienoa, kiitokset paljon palautteesta ja tunnelmallisia saunomiskokemuksia teille!

Jouko Kurkela
Jouko Kurkela

Saunaan tulevia LED-valoja en päässyt testaamaan kun sähköasentaja ei vielä kytkenyt virtaa muuntajalle. Yksi ongelma asentaessa oli. En osannut ennakoida asennuksessa että virtakaapelit ledeille ei ollut kuin 2,0 metriä pitkät , ja olin tehnyt läpiviennit saunan seinän läpi paneleiden alle jo valmiiksi ,tuli ongelmia ,olisi pitänyt olla pidemmät piuhat.Tilaaja ei antanut jatkaa piuhoja.

Olli, Valkeakoski

Hyvä valo, mutta vaatii tiheään kiinnityksen, jos haluaa sen tiukalle. Kuumaliima ei pidä, ainakaan puussa.

Päivi, Rauma

Kiitos, tilasin saunaan led-nauhaa. Tilaaminen oli helppoa - toki piti tietää mitä tilaa. Jos itse olisin joutunut pähkäilemään mitä pitää tilata, olisi voinut olla haastavaa. Tilauksesta meni hujaus, kun tuote tuli jo, joten erittäin jouheva ja nopea toimitus. Kiitos!

Anne, Etelä-Savo

Sain puhelimella loistavaa palvelua tuotteiden valitsemiseen. Tuotteet vastasivat odotuksia ja sauna lednauhat himmentimellä toimivat loistavasti.


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