Black Friday led-valot

Black Friday - Green Everyday

Light to the darkness - green every day!

Black Friday is here again and we have received several contacts on dark offers - so we don't have. After annual consideration, the idea of ​​participating in a quick consumption celebration still does not sit in the core idea of ​​a light factory for responsible and sustainable consumption, represented by well-designed and accurate LED lighting. Long -term, energy efficient and necessary. That's what we want to offer you every day. Green Everyday.

Instead of quick offers, we focus on a great value for money in all our lighting products throughout the year. Both the versatile, high quality LED light product range. And every day, we are also happy to help with the choice of high quality, long-lasting and energy efficient and LED luminaires that are right for your home.  

Almost we could rather spend "don't buy a day", but on the other hand, there is no need, as high quality LED lighting and more comfort, comfort and reduce electricity consumption, and of course it does the last touch to the home interior.

Light into darkness! 👌☀️  

Regards, the people of the Light Factory, Markus, Johanna, Petri, Jenna and Tero


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