LED-myymälä ja asiakaspalvelu suljettuna heinäkuussa 19-30.7.2021

LED store and customer service closed in July 19-30 July 2021

Our store is vacationing in July 19-30 July 2021, which is our store closed for the last 2 weeks in July.

E-commerce orders will also be delivered during the end of July-max 2-4 day delays in orders.

Thus, the delivery of orders made from our online store operates almost normally at the end of July. With a delay in two to four days, orders are packaged centrally a few days a week during the holiday.

Customer service also closed in July 2021

19-30.7 Our customer service is not available at all by telephone, but you can email us customer service@valotehdas.fi and will try to respond to you as soon as possible, but no later than early August. We will return to all invitations and product surveys in August. For all busy matters, send SMS to 040 515 6226.

A very bright and sunny summer for everyone-we see again Mon 2.8 from 8am to 4pm on weekdays!

Regards, Markus, Johanna, Petri and Jenna


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