Saunaan LED-valonauhat

To the sauna LED-light strips

The sauna ceiling has been installed SAUNA LED-light stripswhich provide beautiful indirect light. SAUNA LED-The light strips are dimmable so that the lighting can be adjusted for mood lighting during sauna bathing and for efficient lighting during cleaning. You can read more here about sauna lighting.

Author: @meerimirella

LED-with ribbons for the bathroom

Border wall lighting

Playing around with bathroom lighting LED-with the strip, also using a trim panel. You can install between the trim panel LED-strip, e.g. Begton12 black - with a black cover, i.e. C diffuser, and as a strip use the convenient NANO IP65 LED-ribbons such as 9,6W 24V IP65 NANO LED strip, which can fit into even the smallest spaces.

LED-In addition to being installed between the trims, the strip can also be installed behind the trims in a light fixture, in a corner of a wall and ceiling for indirect lighting and to highlight a soap box.