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Stylish and easy-to-wall LED aluminum list max. 12mm LED tape to create indirect lighting. Size 23mm x 55mm. Includes both a 2000mm long aluminum base strip that is first attached to the wall with screws or tape, and a straight aluminum front cover (2000mm) to be clicked in front. Two color options: anodized aluminum (gray) and white. (Note! In white profile aluminum -colored base and white front cover)
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Wall12 profile

Indirect lighting LED profile

LED profile designed specifically for indirect lighting. A beautiful list that fits well with the interior and is easy to install.

Includes both a 2000mm long aluminum wall -mounted list, as well as a straight 2000mm aluminum lid that is firmly attached by pressing on the wall list. Two color options: anodized aluminum (gray) and white. Tidy installation compatible with wall12 endings. Several cover options, ie slide diffuser b mixed clicked diffuser c, also curved opal tone diffuser d. Available in practical Corner pieces in the inner angle of 90 degrees and To 90 degrees outer angle, that is easy to install the corner! If you want to connect multiple profiles in a row to a straight wall, available a piece of joint that enters the groove inside the profilewith a neat installation and the profile continues in line. The end pieces are available in two models in all color options, that is, with curved D diffusor, curved ends and straight ends with straight diffusorers, B and C.

Indirect lighting wall12 profile can be installed either close to the roof boundary, usually about 20-50cm from the ceiling. The profile can be used in the corridors in the hallway halfway up or down as illuminating or longitudinally from the ceiling to the floor, for example in the corridors. The profile is wide, meaning that it can also hide long walls of the wall, such as the seams of the wall panels, for example in stairs. Also suitable for outdoor and bathrooms.

The profile can also be used the other way around - that is, down to light, for example, kitchen countertops that do not have upper cabinets and thus traditional lighting to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets is not possible.

Suitable for outdoor use and bathrooms. Out We recommend an anodized profile and use of IP67 tape, eg 12W/m 24v IP67 ribbon or 6W/m 24v IP67 ribbon.

LED tape selection for indirect lighting

For indirect lighting, it is advisable to choose an effective LED strip, such as 18W/m 24V LED strip, for indirect lighting reflected from the ceiling and wall is always slightly dim than straight light. We also recommend installing a dimension on the LED strip so that indirect lighting also serves as an atmosphere in the evening.

The choice of deck or diffuser

Because indirect lighting aluminum list is usually installed on the wall, the LED strip is so-called "hidden" and no diffuser is needed to hide the light points. However, we recommend using a diffuser, otherwise the LED tape trough will collect dust over the years, which is not easy to clean and the dust also heats the LED tape, which reduces the lifetime of the LEDs. We think the best diffuser on the wall12 list is curved diffuser d, for it spreads the light more evenly and creates a clean edge to the edge of the list. If you do not want Diffusor or just want to protect the LED strip from dust, select either click on your click diffuser c or sliding cover diffuser b.

Applications for indirect lighting

  • wall -oriented up or to the side, indirect light
  • homes, offices, public facilities, fair stands, stores


  • max. For 12mm LED tape
  • Size 23mm x 55mm, length 2m
  • The cord is easy to hide inside the list, there is plenty of room inside



  • Indirect lighting LED aluminum profile is installed directly on the wall with screws. Drill the hole in the profile, secure with screw. The front cover is mounted by clicking, ie the installation is easy and clean. The cable can be hidden inside the list. If possible with multiple lists, it is advisable to leave the front cover seam at a different point than the seam of the rear profiles, this will neatly lock the lids together and the seam becomes very discreet. Also, leaving the diffuser seam to another position as the seam of the profiles summarizes the list comfortably.

You can read more from indirect lighting with LED lights.

Wall12 profile set - We have collected all of this profile and compatible accessories for one page, Click to see and choose products here!

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